Here is how it works:
Once you have decided to join our network we personally meet with you to survey your needs. Based on these needs and your type of industry, we then design specific programs to address issues that are important to your success. These training programs will be customize to meet the needs of your goals and staff. On a daily basis, you will have access to our secure website. This site will allow you to continue discussions with us or other members that we are working with. You’ll have access to this useful information only thru this membership only forum.

Where do we get our resources?
Our resources cover the entire spectrum of expertise available to companies like yours. If your needs require a high level of theoretical knowledge, we may select knowledgeable individuals research institutes and universities. If your needs are more on the level of on-the-floor application, we may select experienced individuals from our network of career and technology centers across Cembal. We also select resources from business and industry with noted successful experience in the needed topical areas.

What are some of the topics and issues?
Issues and topics that may be addressed during our workshops, seminars or classes, but are not limited to:

Financial Management
Organizations use the knowledge of their financial status on an immediate basis. This reporting is key to short and long term planning.
· Cash flow strategies
· Raising capitol
· Internal and external auditing
· Best accounting practices
· Cash Flow projections
· Understanding Financial Statements

Quality Compliance
Quality compliance is now a dominant feature to operating your business and marketing your products and services.
· Dealing with your industry specific quality compliance systems
· Making your compliance system work for YOU.
· Simplifying systems
· Measurement and corrective action tools and techniques
· Customer assistance as a profit center
· Consultant, Auditor, and Registrar selection

Sales and Marketing
Growing your business relies on your abilities to effectively market your goods and services.
· Understanding market studies to increase market share
· Sales management and leadership
· Improved exhibition techniques
· Planning and purchasing multi-media campaigns
· Rating, selecting, and managing advertising agencies

Human Resource Systems
Whether you have just a few or hundreds of employees, the management of these individuals is critical to your business.
· Recruiting, selection and orientation of new employees
· Safety and health assurance
· Coaching and counseling techniques
· Benefits management

Risk Management
A considerable amount of financial resources are typically utilized to reduce risk. Is the money worth it?
· The advantages of umbrella policies for all aspects of your business operations
· Liability and product insurance
· Self insured plans

Information Technology
Supporting your organization, be it a "mom and pop" or a multinational, requires a well thought out information technology plan. Carefull planning helps ensure that your transactional details are properly tracked and recorded and that your results are fairly presented - be it to your company's website, investors, or lending institutions.

Lean Manufacturing

Leadership and Management

Political Advocacy
From tax laws and abatements to grants and low interest loans -- An entire range of activity takes place in government that affects your company. Only those that make their needs known influence legislatures.

Succession Plannin
Computer Technology
Capitol Investments
Small Business Planning
Marketing Planning
Business Strategies